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Welcome to the realm of Feelings-Based Living.

Once upon a time, in the cradle of the womb, a girl defied the norms of the world by relaxing into a breech position. Her destiny ignited. Born a neurodivergent Highly Sensitive Soul, her journey unfurled like a spell gently guiding people inward.

Meet Amira Sookram, the creator of a realm for emotional wellness.

As the author of ‘Guilt Free Goals,’ she wove the wisdom from her degree in Health Psychology with her defiance of societal norms. Her infectious smile, enchanting dancing to Caribbean beats, and voyage to become a yoga teacher captivated many.

Read on to embrace Feelings-Based Living.

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Organic Irregular Blob with Drop Shadow

Chapter 1: The Oracle of Insight

Guided by curiosity, “The Minimira Show” Podcast was created. Receive bite-sized episodes on Feelings-Based Living, psychology, and life philosophy that end with an insightful question to ponder every week.

New episodes Tuesdays at 3 am et.

Chapter 2: Your Call to Adventure

As Amira opened her sanctuary for emotional wellness, a beacon of inspiration illuminated her path. It whispered, “pen Flow Notes at the dawn of each season and month.” So she embraced the call to share a gentle stream of wisdom.

Answer the call by joining the list to receive FREE monthly feelings check-ins, your compass guiding you through the valley of your inner landscape.

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Chapter 3:

The Guidebook

Feeling lost amidst the vast expanse of her dreams, Amira had to follow her own path. She wrote down her roadmap towards her Dream Self in the book Guilt Free Goals.

"If you feel overwhelmed by your goals and don't know where to start - buy this book," it beckoned, promising clarity and direction. Receive your guidebook at your local Amazon merchant.

Chapter 4: The Inner Sanctuary

As the spell to heal emotionally started spreading, Amira created a sacred space for Sensitive Souls.

A sanctuary for deep-feeling people to share their feelings, make decisions to embrace their personal power, and connect through reflection magic. The monthly energy readings whispered secrets from the spirit world, guiding a community inward to their own cosmic wisdom.

Seek solace in the Sensitive Souls Membership.

Learn about our Introverted and Deep Feeler tiers.

Bold Organic Stars

Enter into the realm of Feelings-Based Living

From those who entered the realm...

“A TON of really great content packed into this video...I’m so glad and grateful to be apart of your Sensitive Souls community!

- Robyn

“I am a mother working full time so I’ve had a lot of anxiety about setting goals and organizing my goals. This book has really helped me create manageable goals for myself and also has helped me stay mindful...through the process.”

- Carly

“You played a major role in that shift...You tell me to just go for what I’m passionate about and test it out. Girl, you allowed me to cut out all the BS going on in my head and just do what I love doing.”

- Nia

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